What We Do

We tell your stories.

ReRu brings together dedicated media experts and experienced environmental specialists in a unique way. The team has a common goal to provide high-quality, accurate content to wider audiences. ReRu goes beyond traditional documentary options for your story; we make and distribute factual media as a complete package suitable for a number of different platforms and in a number of engaging ways.We will envision, plan, carry out, complete and distribute stories that otherwise might not be told in a way to instigate change.

Large media organisations can face obstacles covering more complex issues in a meaningful way. Many organisations working in the ever-expanding environmental and social spheres do not have the people or the background to do this work effectively.

ReRu provides a complete package – we can get the stories and go to places that others can’t. We have the combination of skills and knowledge to “get your message out there” in a creative and dynamic way.

Download the RERU capability statement (pdf)

Companies: Has your company completed a new project that gives back to the planet, and you’re wondering how best to tell your shareholders, stakeholders and customers about it? We can suggest approaches you might not have considered, like video, slideshows, photo-documentary, interactive and social media based storytelling.

NGOS: When you need to spread the word about environmental or social issues, we will get photos, video and stories where they are needed. We can also advise on media channels, what fits each medium and how best to reach your target audience. We can work with you in a local or global context. As a team, we have experience in pushing out these important stories. A major benefit to you is that we can do the job with minimal internal support, taking the pressure of your own resources.

Government: If you are tackling issues that are hard to explain to non-experts, we can help tell your story. For example, we can carry out stakeholder interviews, video case-studies or documentation before and after environmental or social sustainability initiatives. Our team members are experienced in environmental impact assessment, planning, infrastructure development and more.

Consultants: If you are investigating how to present a change project, how to explain your environmental service or how to solve other tricky communications challenges, we can think “outside the box” and come up with a solution that meets your needs and budget.

We don´t do spin. Instead, we are part of the solution.

We don´t do spin. Instead, we are part of the solution.