Who We Are

ReRu. Rapid Environmental Response Unit

We are a specialist multimedia team that can get the images and stories that you need, when you need them. We go to places others can’t and we can get there fast. We document the issues of today and the solutions of tomorrow. Examples of our misuse of the earth’s resources and social justice issues are everywhere – from collapsing fish stocks in the Pacific to water supplies drying out or to wild-fires. There are also those doing things the right way. Across the globe, non-profits, citizens and some companies are fighting to protect and restore our environment and integrity. There are plenty of stories that need to be told – in the bush, out on farms, at sea or out in the suburbs. Our team have worked with the world’s biggest NGOs, media outlets and private enterprise. Together, we bring award-winning photography, video production, scientific rigour, and journalistic story-telling to deal with real issues. With rapid response and a highly experienced crew, we can tell those stories. We make them compelling, immediate and impossible to ignore.

We donĀ“t do spin. Instead, we are part of the solution.